‘Life in Pieces’ Star Angelique Cabral Lost 40 Lbs on the Keto Diet: Pics

Angelique Cabral considers herself another keto diet success story — revealing to Us Weekly that she lost 40 pounds after changing her eating habits to low-carb, high-fat foods.

“I’m kind of on [the keto diet] without knowing that I was,” the Life in Pieces star tells Us. “I went to a specialist who took me off of basically grains and dairy and beans and I eat like fruit and fish and a lots of greens and nuts.”

“Is that keto? I don’t know but I lost 40 pounds!” gushes the 40-year-old actress. “I eat a lot of avocado.”

Cabral welcomed her first daughter, Adelaide Grace Opens a New Window. , with husband Jason Osborn in September 2017.

Her new diet plan is easy thanks to its consistency. “I basically eat the same things every day, which is, like, berries for breakfast and coffee, black coffee,” the Hawaii native tells Us. “And then I have avocado and salmon and greens for lunch, and then the same thing for dinner. That’s all I eat, I’m so boring! And a little bit of nuts here and there if I need something.”

“I don’t know that it’s necessarily keto, but I know that it’s close to keto,” she adds.

Just like other celebrities who have lost a significant amount of weight on keto — including Jenna Jameson, who dropped 80 pounds post-baby Opens a New Window. on the ketogenic diet — the CBS actress teams her nutrition plan with intermittent fasting. “I eat my first meal at 11 a.m. and my last meal by 7 p.m. So I eat from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day,” she says. “I don’t snack and I don’t do anything else.”

As NYC-based dietitian Keri Glassman has told Us of combining keto and fasting, “With a keto diet, the person is hoping to reach a ketogenic state, where the body turns to stored fat for energy. But you’re not necessarily going into ketosis if you’re just intermittent fasting. If you’re doing keto too, intermittent fasting can be even more effective.” It’s not for the faint of heart though. Warns the founder of Nutritious Life Opens a New Window. : “It’s even more difficult to follow.”

For those who can tap into their willpower, however, the combination can pay off in spades. As Cabral tells Us, “It changed my body it changed my life.”

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