Not a Drill! Zac Efron Dances Shirtless to Vanilla Ice in a Cryo Chamber

Zac Efron Opens a New Window. proved he’s always ready to bust a move — shirtless at that!

The Neighbors actor posted an Instagram Story Opens a New Window. on Tuesday, March 26 that showed him wearing shorts, a thick ear warmer, gloves, cloth booties and a mask — but no shirt — walking into a cryotherapy sauna with two other men. As someone filmed through the window, Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” blared and Efron showed off a series of old-school dance moves and tricks like the lawn mower and walking down a fake set of stairs. Peels of laughter were heard throughout the video.

When the High School Musical alum, 31, walked out the door, his perfectly sculpted muscles and ripped six-pack abs were fully visible.

Cryotherapy Opens a New Window. typically exposes the body to a temperature of -200 degrees Fahrenheit and even colder for a few minutes. While there’s not much scientific research behind the subzero wellness trend and it’s not FDA-approved, loyalists anecdotally claim it helps with muscle recovery, chronic pain and can produce glowing skin and weight loss. The theory behind it is that the freezing temperatures put the body into a state called thermogenesis, which can theoretically significantly increase the calories burned over the next 48 hours.

Plenty of Hollywood stars are cryo fans, including Jessica Biel Opens a New Window. , Mark Wahlberg Opens a New Window. , Derek Hough Opens a New Window. and Miley Cyrus Opens a New Window. . In a 2017 Instagram video where Wahlberg is getting ready for a session, he tells fans,  “I’m about to go into the cryo-chamber… Great for recovery. I’ve got to fix up my back. I’ve got all this inflammation.”

Efron — who Us confirmed earlier this month has been dating Olympic swimmer Sarah Bro Opens a New Window. — has spent the last six weeks recovering from surgery after he tore his ACL Opens a New Window. skiing in February. He posted a photo of himself undergoing physical therapy on March 5 thanking his fans for support. “Better every day. Taking it literally, 1 step at a time,” he wrote.

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