One Dodgers Fan Was Crowned the Ultimate Dad After Catching a Foul Ball While Holding His Baby & Beer

One lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan unlocked ultimate dad status after making an impressive single-hand catch at Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals, and the internet is deeming the viral video of the masterful moment a virtual home run.

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Steve Pettit, a Glendale Fire Department engineer and father of two, was seated at Dodger Stadium with his daughter strapped to his chest in a baby carrier and a pint of beer in one hand when suddenly, he noticed a foul ball headed right their way. He did what any multi-tasking dad and baseball fan would do in such a moment: he clutched his beer a little harder, locked eyes with the ball, and rose from his seat with his free arm held high to make an internet-breaking catch.

The best part? He didn’t spill a single drop of his beer.

Pettit’s moment of fame was set in action when St. Louis’ Tommy Edman popped a foul ball into the stadium’s second deck from the first-base line. To make it all even crazier, the dad revealed he scored tickets to the game from a co-worker who just happens to be Edman’s brother-in-law. What are the odds of it all?

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