3 days to 3 months: How long have you a recipe can redeem depends on the color

Yellow, green, white: in addition to the pink Standard checkout prescription and the mostly blue private prescription there are many more recipe versions in different colors. The color indicates, among other things, what the drug form it is and how long the prescription is valid.

The most important information first: The frequent pink checkout the recipes are, with few exceptions, the month-long valid. Private recipes can you within three months to redeem.

Overview: validity of recipes

The pink cash register recipe: Usually valid for 1 month

Legally Insured for medicinal products by the statutory funds will be refunded, normally a pink recipe. The cash recipe must within one month be redeemed.

Its validity is the pink recipe lose, although only after three months. According to the one-month period, however, it is not refundable. This means that The Fund bears the costs and the Patient must pay for the drug themselves. (The recipe is a fee to pay for the Patient in each case.)

Whether a month is 28 or 30 calendar days will be handled in different States and funds in different ways. Who wants to go, should visit, therefore, timely to the pharmacy and not until the end of the month, wait.

If the doctor is not a drug, but a so-called AIDS has prescribed is always a period of 28 days. Include AIDS, for example bandages, compression stockings, or lancets.

Exception: prescription for retinoids only 6 days after the date of issue

So-called retinoids, for example, in the treatment of acne for use. For these drugs, particularly strict requirements apply if you are prescribed to women of childbearing age. The reason is that retinoids with active ingredients such as Iseotretinoin, Acicetrin or Alitretinoin is a fruit of the adverse effect, that is to say, you can lead to an Unborn to malformations. Pregnant women should not take these medicines, therefore.

A recipe for women who may become pregnant, only up to six days after the date of issue of valid (= 7 days incl. The day of the exhibition). Who receives, for example, on the first of the month a recipe, it must redeem no later than on the seventh day of the month.

The blue private prescription: Usually valid for 3 months

Recipes for privately Insured, have no specific color, usually are blue. Private prescriptions are valid for three months , unless the doctor has something else on the document noted.

The green recipe: valid for an Unlimited period

On a green prescription are not prescription drugs, the doctor his patients is recommended.

Green recipes are valid for an unlimited period.

The yellow recipe is: 7 days after the date of issue

On a yellow recipe (BtM prescription) are the drugs listed under the narcotic act to fall. This includes, for example, strong painkillers such as opioids include.

Abuse is largely excluded, BtM-recipes usually only up to seven days after the date of issue valid (= 8 days with the date of issue).

The white T-recipe: – 6 days after the date of issue

The white recipe is a special recipe and is also called the T-recipe referred to. T stands for teratogenic (= teratogenic): medicinal products on a white recipe stated, can be for Pregnant women to malformations lead. This includes products with the active ingredients Lenalodomid, Pomalidomid and thalidomide count.

These active substances are subject to strict conditions, so that T recipes only six days after the date of issue (= 7 days incl. The date of issuance) are valid.


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