A personality trait determines how often we play sports

Some people achieve their athletic goals rather than others. A study by the University of Oregon shows that this is linked to a property together, which they refer to as the regularity: people, concrete plans lined up to come to their destination went more often to the gym than people, which is not planned so far in advance.

Conscientiousness is a personality trait that is associated with healthy behavior. A facet of the plan of uniformity, so the set-Up of plans and the ability of a Person to bring a sacrifice in the short term compliance and future success. Scientist Rita M. Ludwig and her colleagues from the University of Oregon, USA, investigated the correlations between the Set and Track personal plans and the number of training visits to a fitness Studio. They found that people trained in the specific plans put up, more frequently than others.

For example, the statement &quot went;It is important for me to develop a clear Plan when I habe&quot a goal; agreed, more often to the gym. Who reached a point more on the scale of regularity (of a possible five points), had ever completed a Season on average, up to 8.5 more training sessions within 20 weeks. How well the study participants were able to describe their objectives, was surprisingly not so important, and had in this study on their implementation has no effect.