Alcohol helps the immune system?

There’s no question that Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health. Scientists of the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), however, have found evidence to suggest that moderate amounts of alcohol can immune keep diseases in check. The results are in the journal "Nature" published.

The researchers have found out why a little alcohol contributes to less auto-antibodies are formed that cause tissue damage: Certain immune cells, called follicular helper T cells, are sensitive to the reduction of the metabolic product acetate from the Alcohol. As a result, the cells pour out less of the messenger substance, Interleukin-21, which leads to a specific branch of the immune response, contributing to autoimmune reactions, is inhibited.

It has long been known that alcohol can have positive effects on the immune system. For example, it is found in people who drink a glass of, after liver transplants less likely to rejection than non-drinkers. Also the development of rheumatoid Arthritis or multiple sclerosis, as well as relapses in patients with these disorders are at a moderate consumption of alcohol is rare.

Prof. Dr. Mario Zaiss granted but no free ticket for an uninhibited alcohol consumption: "The negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption should also be in the light of these data, nevertheless, to be remembered always, even if moderate alcohol consumption show positive health effects, especially in the case of autoimmune diseases, a therapeutic immune tolerance can produce effect."