Artificial intelligence: the ECG, the biological age can show

An electrocardiogram (ECG) measures the electrical activity of the heart. Since age and gender influence the results, researchers came to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, the idea is to calculate with the help of artificial intelligence and an ECG, the biological age of the patient. In contrast to the data in the identity card, the biological age to draw conclusions on the General health allows.

The researchers found that you map from an ECG with the help of artificial intelligence in 90 percent of cases, the gender of the patients and the chronological age group of the patients with an accuracy of 72 per cent, were able to determine. "The proof that we recognize a kind of biological age, was both surprising and highly interesting for its potential role in the future Ergebnisforschung", Prof. Dr. Suraj Kapa, Director of the Augmented and Virtual Reality Innovation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, said.

"A more accurate assessment of the General state of health can help Doctors to determine which patients you should investigate further to determine if diseases exist without symptoms, the early diagnosis and treatment benefit könnten", so Kapa.

In the magazine "Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology" describe, have the researchers a self-learning computer program with the ECG data of nearly 500,000 patients are fed, and then to further 275.000 patients tested, how well it is able to tell their gender and age before. In the biological age events such as heart attack or a disease of the coronary vessels, a flow, for example, with. In this study were all participants in order to patients whose ECGs were included for the diagnosis of diseases. Therefore, the results must be reviewed with Healthy more.