Can Tattoos lead in the MRT problems?

About one in eight in Germany, have a tattoo. Most of them are of the opinion that a Tattoo is completely harmless to health. Theoretically, it is possible that iron-containing pigments of the tattoo to act during a MRI scan with the magnetic field inter or conductive components of heat and cause burns. A study from London, is now clear.

According to the study, the risk for side effects by tattoos small, as the research team around Nikolaus Weiskopf at the Max-Planck-Institute in Leipzig in the New England Journal of Medicine reported. Weiskopf says: "Our study supports that the majority of the subjects have noticed with Tattoos, no side effects." There had been a single case where the study physician has determined that the side effects – a tingling sensation on the skin – with the hung scan. This unpleasant feeling was but disappeared within 24 hours, without that the person has taken medical treatment in the claim.

Many people with a Tattoo will be examined in the MRI, a systematic study of possible side-effects was however not the case so far. This gap has now been closed by the study. Were detected in 330 patients with 932 tattoos, the characteristics of the tattoo, such as size, Position, and color, and whether during or after the MRI Scan with a magnetic field strength of three Tesla side effects of the tattoo. However, for reasons of prudence, individuals were excluded with very large tattoos or those that covered more than five percent of the body surface.