Cancer is the most common cause of death in rich countries

Several decades were cardiovascular diseases as the most common cause of death in the world. But now changing: In rich countries, cancer have cardiovascular disease in the 35 – to 70-Year-old is already being replaced as the main cause of death, researchers reported in the journal “Lancet” .

The world experience a critical change for non-communicable diseases, said the scientists. Since cardiovascular disease are decreasing in many countries, is likely to cancer in several decades, worldwide, the most common cause of death. One reason for this better ways of cardiovascular be-diseases to prevent and to treat. These include heart attack or stroke count.

As the rich countries of investigation applied in the case of the so-called PURE-for example, Canada or Sweden. Germany and Austria were not included in the analysis. As countries with a medium income, for example, China, Poland and Turkey were listed as poor countries, India and Tanzania. Their data, the researchers also presented at the European cardiology Congress (ESC) in Paris.

Germany: a Similar Trend, but no reversal

For the study, the scientists had evaluated to Gilles Dagenais from the University of Laval in Quebec data of around 160,000 people over the age of 35 to 70 years.

The participants from poorer countries died two and a half Times more often from cardiovascular disease than participants from rich countries – although in the wealthy Nations to significantly more risk factors for such diseases exist. The difference could, therefore, probably due to differences in health care explain, the researchers concluded.

In Germany, cardiovascular diseases lead the statistics of causes of death still. These Figures, however, unlike the current study, deaths in people over 70:

  • Accordingly, 344.5000 people, cardiovascular had died in 2017 in Germany-diseases.
  • The number of deaths due to cancer was 227.600 cases, significantly lower.

However, the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases decreased in the past decades in Germany, while the number of deaths from cancer is slightly increased: in 1990, about died with around 205,000 victims are even less people to cancer. The consequences of cardiovascular disease, significantly more people succumbed to with 463.000 Affected than it is today.

Cancer: Much different than cardiovascular disease

The probability to die of a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure, was decreased in industrialised Nations in the past two decades, the researchers write. As you mentioned, for decades, the statistics of the causes of disease and death, had been extensively on ways to Prevent and Treat worked.

A big advantage of this is that cardiovascular disease is the same, for the most part, controllable risk factors. Who are treated such as high blood pressure, prevents in addition to a heart attack, even a stroke.

Cancer much various, so the researchers were diseases. Although there is progress, such as a better policy on Tobacco could reduce the risk of mouth and lung cancer. Other approaches to reduce the risk of cancer, do not be so new that the consequences are still being felt – for example, HPV vaccination against cervical cancer.

And, the biggest Problem: the widespread forms of cancer such as breast, prostate or colorectal cancer have been found to influence the risk of disease greatly. This lack of known risk factors have very likely contributed to the number of cancer cases in most countries hardly changed.