Corona and Asthma: I Am a risk patient?

Many patients with Asthma, fear of getting an infection with the new Coronavirus are difficult or die. Lung doctors give the all-clear: Well-adjusted asthma sufferers have no increased risk if they take their medication regularly. The Association of pneumological clinics (VPK) points.

The Coronavirus epidemic is causing many people for uncertainty. Asthmatics are particularly concerned because the Virus is known to pollute the lungs. Experts qualify this concern: Well-adjusted asthma could, in principle, weakness, no increased risk for infections, and also no basic defense.

Who risk patient?

"No increased risk of infection applies to those Asthma patients, the haben&quot under therapy with no symptoms;, Dr. med says. Thomas Voshaar, VPK Chairman of the management Board and chief physician at the lung centre at the Bethany hospital in Moers. In this respect, only asthmatics who have, in spite of regular therapy and complaints are, a little more vulnerable than Healthy.

A bigger risk would be older people with very severe Asthma, and patients must take to control your symptoms regularly cortisone tablets. Cortisone referred to so-called Glucocorticosteroide that there is either as an inhalation spray, and severe progression of the disease as tablets. This ingredient is anti-inflammatory and attenuates the asthmatic Hypersensitivity of the bronchi. Inhaled corticosteroids should be taken, therefore, in symptom-free periods on a regular basis to be for the worse times better armed.

Cortisone spray regelmäßig take

Asthma-patients who have previously inhaled only once in a while with cortisone, you should use your Spray now on a regular basis and make sure that they are completely symptom-free, so the Airways are open and there is no cough and no shortness of breath. Asthmatic symptoms still, therapy should be adjusted in consultation with the attending physician.

What to do in cases of suspected Covid-19?

As a General rule in the case of a suspected Covid-19 in asthmatics is the same as for all patients: you stay home and call your local health Department or your doctor and follow the appropriate advice.

"Asthma sufferers suffer at the same time to the signs of Corona infection, a worsening of their asthmatic condition, you should take quickly in an emergency agreed to cortisone tablets – usually daily 2 x 20 mg of prednisolone for a period of 5 Tagen", recommends Voshaar. Is still no improvement, had a consultation with the doctor is important. "If the discharge should change in symptoms, if so, the cough in particular, a yellow or greenish sputum will be observed, it is advisable to an antibiotic einzunehmen", Voshaar says.

Vaccination against flu and pneumococcus is useful

Generally speaking, bacteria and viruses that cause inflammation of the bronchi or of the lungs, but even an ordinary catarrh, asthmatic complaints may increase. "Vaccination against pneumococci and influenza is therefore useful and appropriate – also to prevent that it comes to a simultaneous infection with several different pathogens which pollute the body and the progression of the disease würden&quot worse;, Voshaar advises.

To avoid being infected, should asthmatics be careful – like all the other people on good Hygiene, which means frequent hand washing, not with unwashed fingers to the face touch, of coughing and obviously sick people keep a safety distance of about two meters and avoid crowds.


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