Coronavirus: So many people have so far been recovered

In China, the country in which the Cronavirus had its starting-point, are already 89 percent of the Infected back to health. In other countries, the Rates are still low, because here the disease is much later erupted.

How deadly COVID-19 is know so far, no one exactly. In addition, it is assumed that the number of unreported cases is much higher, because not all Sufferers show symptoms, and thus be registered.

Medical Criteria

Coronavirus: when is it cured?

The course of the disease depends, according to health experts, significantly of whether the infected Person is already suffering from pre-existing conditions, such as heart, circulatory or lung disease. In such a debilitated persons, the likelihood of a fatal course of the disease is much higher.

In Germany, there are still comparatively few casualties, as the views of the Statista graphic shows. In Europe, the majority of victims mourned after Italy.

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