Fever: Is it the flu or a cold?

Many people do not know the difference between a real flu, Influenza, and a flu-like infection. In the case of fever, most people think of Influenza, in fact, it is in the case of flu-like infections but is also often.

A recent study with respondents from Austria, Belgium and Croatia shows that The Knowledge about the symptoms of a flu and a cold is deficient. "Most people think of when a fever is one of the symptoms immediately to a real Grippe", Kathryn Hoffmann, Department for General – and family medicine at the MedUni Vienna. However, this is wrong, because even in a harmless cold, a fever may occur.

A Influenza can be a serious disease and is triggered by the flu viruses against which to annually vaccinate &ndash can; in contrast to the common cold, many different viruses as a trigger to come into question. The symptoms of a flu-like infection are in most cases much more harmless than in the case of a real flu: During a cold is mostly gone in a few days, may persist for a Influenza two to three weeks. Also the onset of Influenza is rapid: Within a few hours, it comes to fever and pain in the limbs, during a flu infection announced usually through common cold symptoms.

Many people, despite a flu vaccination fever and flu-like symptoms, belief that the vaccine was ineffective. This is not true: "You just have a flu-like infection – and you can also, unfortunately, in spite of a flu vaccination bekommen", Hoffmann says. In front of a real flu seasonal vaccination shooter to the expert, on the other hand, 60 to 95 percent.