For a long period of opening times for doctors?

Ädoctors to their practices läViking öopen to cash patients get seen quicker. But für this Plan the Minister of health, Jens Spahn earned a lot of criticism

20 to 25 hours per week to Ädoctors from 2019, at least für patients office hours free

More time für patients, more money für Ädoctors – that sounds like an idea, win-win. However, health Minister Jens Spahn with his jürecent law proposal große discussions ausgelöst. He plans the minimum talk time of Ädoctors in the coming year, from 20 to 25 hours per week to raise.

Of the lälonger practice Öopening hours are intended to benefit NHS patients, the often long on an appointment wait mü. Zusäin addition Spahn f&uuml want;r certain Ärztegruppen, about Gynäthe Crimean state medical Institute, ENT, eye and Kinderädoctors, fünf open office hours prevail. This should be reserved for patients without an appointment.  "This looks like a Üoverrun valve are long, Terminwartezeiten", erklärte, the CDU-politician gegenüabout the German Ärzteblatt.

Against two-tier medicine

The project möcontempt to the Minister against the accusations of two-tier medicine. For cash patients are at a disadvantage in the case of the appointment often. Especially the way the specialist is für you usually mühseliger as für private patients.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, about NHS patients wait an average of 27 days läViking insured on a appointment as private. This shows the response to a request from the Grüin the Landtag.

By contrast, wants to make Spahn. Praise erhähe lt dafür of funds: "We begrüßthe zusä- office hours, because 90 percent of the people in Germany are statutorily insured and wüauthorities of ­profitieren", Ann Marini of the top Association of statutory health insurance funds says.

Rüsupport of funds and policy

You wüclear laws was stressed that any Form of Bevorzugung  ban. "It aufh&ouml must finally;ren, that private patients get faster appointments than the großthe majority of NHS patients."

Also, Eugen Brysch, the CEO of the Foundation for patient protection, praises Spahns Vorstoß: It is the office hour times to erh&ouml was right, ;hen. Also, it was good that the zusä- times on home visits k&ouml be credited;could. It was Pflegebedürftige and to visit terminally ill increasingly at home.

Ädoctors criticize the proposal

Many Ädoctors doubt, however, that the project is good, the wait times to verküshorten. "This is a vöcompletely half-baked Vorschlag", about the Roland Stahl of the Kassen&auml says;medical Federal Union (KBV). "On average selbstst&auml work;fully established Ädoctors now about 52 hours per week. This week is gefüllt office hours, treatments, home visits and much paperwork."

Zusätz­business hours ließen only be realized, if you put them elsewhere ein­spare or working time erhöHey. The Ädoctors but to be on the ­Limit.

Ulrich Weigeldt, Federal Chairman of the Hausärzteverbands, hält more office hours für unrealistic. Begrümaking: the lack of staff.  "The truth gehört also, that the time of individual Ädoctors, not by open office hours multiply würde. We simply need more Hausädoctors."

Chaos in the practices befüafraid of this

The doctors füperform many of the arguments against an increase in their Sprech­­hours in the field. So häwould especially Fachädoctors have a Problem with the scheduled open office hours. Their practices, complicated diagnostics instead often find, as bräwant to unannounced patients quickly Abläufe mess.

Stomach ache prepares the Ädoctors außalso, that the legislature directly in the Arbeitsabläufe of their practices interfere want. "Mandatory rules, which dictate how we have to organize the practice of everyday life, we reject clear. Requirements from above are of little help here and wären also not with the free medical profession vereinbar", so Weigeldt.

Jens Spahns proposal will l&ouml no problems;sen, but create new ones, heißt it is, therefore, on the part of the Kassen­ädoctors. They warn of Chaos in the practices and lälonger waiting times. "The practices are jam Packed. Because it is not appropriate that the appointment in question to stellen", steel, of the waiting time problem anyway f&uuml says;r exaggerated hält.

"Viewed objectively, there is no General problem. Appointments are usually quickly verfüavailable, and the größte part of the patient is satisfied. International perspective, we are spitzenmäßig." All experts do not see, however.

Problem with the ämedical Vergütung

A recent study by the Universitäin Hamburg, for example, shows that Vertragsädoctors your Tämyopia every three months significantly einschrärestrict. Only with the beginning of a new quarter, the futures are rising by leaps and bounds to have to pay again.

The Vergüsystem für Ädoctors: Approximately 70 percent of all investigations shall be paid from the funds only up to a certain amount. Is reached this amount, köcan Ädoctors their patients &ndash treat; but receive no money.Increase the office hours to für the Ädoctors expected. Therefore, möcontempt for the Ministry of health whose Vergüin the Wake of the new rules of lifting.

The funds reject such an adjustment, however. "The should be covered with a view to the supply order sein", erklärt Marini. The Ädoctors see it differently. Now wüabout 15 percent of your benefits be due to the Vergütungs­scheme is not paid by the health insurance companies, says Roland Stahl of the CBD. "Before you über speaks more work, it should be once the advance is completely paid."

Soon it will show whether the scheme comes out as planned. The Ministry of health has Kassenädoctors and funds three months eingeräumt, to Vorschläge to the embodiment of the law. Currently the fronts are verhäRTS.

Lösung in sight?

"The strong reactions of the CBD show that it seems to have different views darüabout how much treatment time cash patients zusteht", Marini from the leading Association of the funds taunts.

The Äthrobbing doctors, in turn, on the other Lösolutions, such as a revision of the Vergüor the removal of Bürokratie. So Vincent J&ouml reported;rres from the Hausärzteverband: "In particular, the health insurance überschüthe practices have with forms. This is time at the end of für the care of the patients is missing. This is one of the größten sites üin General."

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