HifU: ultrasound against cancer

A new procedure called "High-intensity focused Ultraschalltherapie", short HifU, relieves pain in unresectable Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs

Ultrasonic waves against cancer: What are the diagnostics for the study of the Köbody is used to a strong Bündelung cancer bekäfight

Previously, ultrasonic waves are something like the Späago of medicine. Ädoctors browse with their help, the Interior of the Köbody and recognize in this way, such as cancer of the liver or the prostate. The ­Ultraschallgerät sends sound waves with a frequency far üabout the people hötelescopic range from and fäon ngt the Echo again. From the pattern the Computer creates an image of the internal organs.

Tumor cells burn

Since some years, researchers are working to attack with these waves the cancer are also being targeted. To büyou bundle up and to the Tumor. The tissue is heated up to 90 degrees Celsius, and the tumor cells perish. The immune system is transported to the zerstörten cells with time. High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy, short-Hifu, heißt the method.

"The energy is through the closed skin in the Köbody gebracht", erklärt Professor Holger Strunk, senior physician at the Radiological Universitäclinic of Bonn. He treated for several years, patients with the gebüassociated ultrasonic waves, especially people with inope­rablem Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs. You only chemotherapy.

However, not everyone speaks it, and some patients suffer still strong complaints. "We have shown through studies clear that we are at about 80 percent of these people relieve the pain können", Strunk says. The Hifu treatment usually lasts for a couple of hours and takes place under General anesthesia, because the heat can also be painful.

Pain relief, but no cure in sight

Professor Peter Huber from the German cancer research center in Heidelberg has for many years on patients with advanced Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs treated. Against pain, the Hifu therapy tats&auml was;actually helpful, he says. It was unclear, however, whether or not you will one day also be used köcould, in order to eliminate a tumour completely. Huber is skeptical. "You can secure a part of the tumor wegschmelzen", he says. However, remained at the end of hömost likely some cancer cells übrig.

The technique is also applied in the case of other tumors, especially in China. On hämost common had been used for the therapy in the world probably in the case of prostate cancer, says Huber. "There were, until today, probably due to the 100 000 patients treated." Advanced liver and bone tumors, and benign Verächanges in the Gebäcellses, the so-called uterine fibroids, can also be treated using Hifu.

Advantage has not been proven yet

The Federal Joint Committee in Germany, new The­therapies evaluated, the method is, however, skeptical. He approved the reimbursement of costs by the statutory health insurance Fund only für the treatment of pain in unresectable Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs – but not für the other applications, because their effectiveness is not sufficiently documented.

The decision is not yet gücarefully, because the Federal Ministry für health has him objected to it. Currently, it is so unclear how to do it with the Hifu. In any case, it is an experimental procedure that only für a few cancer patients is out of the question.

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