Hormone-Cocktail in the bathroom: cosmetics can make us sick

Breast cancer, cycle disorders, or testicular cancer, hormone-related diseases. Could it be that you are with intensive body care. Scientists suspect that chemical substances in cosmetics, the hormone system in a mess.

  • Preservatives (parabens) can affect the hormone system.
  • A common UV filters (OMC) acts hormonally.
  • Luxury cosmetics dispensed rarely on OMC and parabens.

Shampoo, conditioner, hair wax, shower gel, body lotion, face and hand cream – when we come in the morning from the bathroom, we have processed skin and hair with a whole Arsenal of care products. How many chemical substances are contained therein, shows the long list of complicated-sounding ingredients. Some are suspected to increase the risk of cancer, because they are hormonally effective. The “poison in Shampoos and creams” on Wednesday evening at 20.15, a TV documentary on SWR.

Endocrine disruptors interfere with the hormone system

In the broadcast of the series “relates to:” Andreas Kortenkamp, of the leading scientists for the so-called endocrine disruptors (EDCs). The toxicologist goes to the London’s Brunel University for years, a presumption: Common preservatives and UV-filters in cosmetics interfere with the hormone system and are, therefore, responsible for diseases such as breast cancer, cycle, and fertility problems, prostate, and testicular cancer or Infertility. This hormonal diseases and disorders are on the increase in our affluent society, or remain at a high level – parallel to the abundant use of skin care and decorative cosmetics.