How football professionals in the age

Professional football player might have to die there is an increased risk of dementia. This emerges from a broad-based study, published in the journal “NEJM”.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow and Hampden Sports Clinic studied the health history of 7676 men of the vintages 1900 to 1976, had played in Scotland in professional football. The data is compared with a control group of 23.028 men of the same age.

The most important results:

  • In the time window of the study of 18 to 15.4 percent of the football players and 16.5 percent of the control subjects died.
  • The footballers had a lower risk before the age of 70. To die of age. Also your risk was low to die of lung cancer or a heart condition.
  • However, the footballer had to die at a higher risk, in a so-called neuro-degenerative disease. This also includes Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, as well as in connection with American Football-discussed disease CTE (Chronic Traumatic encephalopathy) include, in addition to dementia. At 1.7 percent of the deceased football player in a neurodegenerative disease was the main cause of death in the control group this was only a half a percent of the deceased of the case.

Who paid for it?

The study was funded by the English football Association FA and the football Union PFA.

That professional athletes have on average a higher life expectancy than the average Population, have already revealed in other studies. Presumably, this is based on the high level of physical activity, on the other, to the fact that athletes have less Smoking and less Obesity, writes the Team, led by Daniel Mackay. As it is already known that Ex-pros in the NFL have a higher risk for the neurodegenerative disease, CTE.

What is the influence of head the balls on the occurrence of dementia have, can’t answer the study, but directly. Also it says nothing for the health of Amateur football players.