I find the Offline lessons are a lot better Chinese family reports from the quarantine

You can’t get in the school, the school to You – for the third-graders Sha Jie in Shanghai, classes are held currently with the Online lessons on the screen. Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, all schools are closed in the Chinese metropolis. Sha’s been since the beginning of January at home. And this is less funny than he has imagined. “I find Offline classes much better,” says the ten-year-old. “Because I can make more with my classmates.” In front of the door, Sha is no longer practical. The mother worries that the lack of movement on a permanent harm to your child. Because a quick end to the quarantine is not in sight. “We have seen in the Internet, that the Online classes until 1. May may take. This has us pretty shaken up. It makes the kids anything, if you need to learn one to two weeks at home, in the beginning you might have even more drive, because it feels new and fresh. But if there are one to two months and you have to give him electronic devices, an iPad or something, then he digresses too much. I don’t know if he can create his curriculum so well.” To keep the children happy, is also a challenge for Derek Au in Hong Kong. Like many other people in the financial metropolis, the Manager was asked by his employer, for safety reasons, to stay at home. Now the family voluntarily quarantined. The hits, of course, the social contacts, says Au. “My wife had last week, my birthday and I was not disappointing with their Relatives to celebrate, that was something. But that’s okay. We understand the Situation and try to live with it.” In the fridge and pantry supplies for a couple of weeks are stacked, rice, pasta, toilet paper. This will give you a good feeling, says the father of a family. Even the children did not want to leave the protection of the apartment. “We try to make it at least to week to even move to the outside, but the Kids say, no, let’s stay home and play something. Up until now, I don’t see any negative impact on my family and my children two weeks haven’t been since the a, outside.” Not all people come so fine as the family Au. The Hong Kong government has set up a Hotline to support mental health. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in January, have already reported 25,000 people.