Living with Obesity: I could not imagine that a woman is a fat man

At 200 kilograms, the scale of Michael “Micky had to surrender” Klemsch. As the device displayed in the year 2010, only an error message, knew Klemsch that he had to lose – and set an ambitious goal: The Vienna wanted to halve his weight, making his way in a Blog to hold and write a book.

A book has Klemsch written nine years later, actually, but in a different way than I thought. It bears the title “Micky is not) cut in half (” and a history of failure – is told in an honest and self-deprecating, sometimes with a bit of sadness, but without bitterness. In starInterview speaks to Michael Klemsch about his broken dreams, the role of the Psyche in losing weight and his life as a Thicker.

Interview with Michael Klemsch: “In 200 pounds of my well-being was in the ass”

Mr Klemsch, how much you weigh at the Moment?

Right now I’m at a little over 150 kilograms. Of my original goal, to halve me, I managed only a quarter.

And how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with this weight?

As a really overweight person, you feel every pound that you lose. Even if I was from the outside, a very heavy man, I felt with 190 kilos like a Gazelle. If you consider that I weighed over a year ago, still 200 pounds, I feel with 150 kilos very well. Nevertheless, I would decrease even more.

The brand of 200 kg was then the trigger to want to radically lose weight.

Unfortunately, the scale has not gone with me only once over 200 pounds, this is the classic yo-yo effect: It decreases and again. But at the time, on the scale, my weight no longer and the only “Error” could, I said: Now, not only my well-being in the ass, but also my health in danger. The risk of heart attack is enormous, cholesterol values, blood values – all this was very alarming. I knew that it must change something.

Michael Klemsch

“Mickey don’t) is halved (The eternal fight with the Kilos and the emotions”

168 pages

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And then you have made yourself equal to 100 kilograms – a very ambitious project. Why didn’t you set a smaller goal?

I have set myself the goal is clearly to high. In hindsight, I lost weight whenever I’ve seen it loose and me not only to lose weight have focused. If I wanted to lose weight until the next beach holiday necessarily 30 pounds, then went off mostly to the rear. And then I did not dare to back into a swimsuit in front of people.

They’ve removed a few years ago already in a TV show 60 pounds. Why didn’t things work out this time as well?

I’m a bit of a sucker for the limelight, and I think that it helps me if I take this part of the Show. These hundreds of thousands watching there were for me a great Motivation. But at some point, the cameras were gone, it has again given professional and private Worry, I’ve compensated with food and Drink, and so I could not hold the weight. The UPS and downs of my weight has reflected my emotions. When I got married and me well, I lost weight. A few years later, with my divorce, has shot up the weight again. As well as there were vocational problems, or as a friend of mine, the life has taken. Always, if it went bad for me, I satisfied myself with food or Drink.

How important to the Psyche is when it comes To increase or Decrease?

There are three points that are important: nutrition, exercise and Psyche. I’ve noticed that for me it not so is critical, what and how much I eat, but why. Is it stupid that I go in the evening at ten, or to the fridge, if I haven’t eaten in three hours before dinner? Why can’t I stop at chocolate? What’s in it for me? I can’t get joy and satisfaction somewhere else?

You have for answers to this Why are found?

I would like to give my book, no tips, it is actually a report about failing. Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of diets, but realized that diet alone does not help. If I’m unhappy or something in my life happens, and there is no one that takes me in the Arm, then I drink just a beer or eat a sausage roll. Since I have to find a way to get my thoughts and feelings in the handle, instead of banning me by law the food.

Back to the beginning: How is it actually come to a they have become so thick? As a young man, they were still quite sporty.

I’ve been running with 25 every day for 60 to 90 minutes – because you need more energy, and eats more. Eventually, I was able to due to an injury several months with no sports, but I forgot to stop eating. That was the point at which it is tilted.

Today, they speak very openly about being fat and about how you feel. It was always like that?

No, this was not always so. But in the last few years the term “Body Positivity is moved” more in the center. This is not to say that it is not only about fast lose weight to conform to society’s standards. I’m trying honestly to deal with it: Okay, I’m a little thick, but I’m still a great person and have other qualities as the model dimensions. I admire people who despite their Excess weight with a swimsuit or Bikini in the swimming pool. I can’t shit because I’m still working on what others think, and to like myself more.

What makes it with the self-esteem, if it corresponds, at least in this area, so clearly the Ideals of the society? How does, for example, in the case of the life partner?

There is a funny way of Online platforms for chubby people, where do you find round and round. I have made mixed experiences. Between 30 and 40, I had no partnership, I pulled back, I became depressed and could not even imagine, that a woman can stand on a thick man. This was a terrible time. Now I know that there are only women who pay attention to a six pack. There are also other things than outward appearances – and there are women who say: Mickey is instead a funny man and a good listener.

How do you feel, overall, dealing with Thicknesses in the society?

There are many people who just look at the thickness down and say: The fat Pig is to blame. On the other hand, I think it’s good that you accepted that obesity can be a disease one must accept and treat. As it helps nothing to say: Eat less. But there is a lot of changes. Statistically, people are getting fatter, because it is quite normal that it is recognised more. 15 years ago I had huge problems to find clothes in my sizes, today the range is much wider – in the truest sense of the word.

Where differs your everyday life of the normal weight?

This is different for everyone. There are many fat people who show up hate in the Public for which there is also a large Problem. Some don’t want to get into full tracks and then drive with the car. There are many things that restrict fat people: to get in the cinema a proper place. To get In the train a seat where it restricts anyone. If you stand still, you sweat too much. Since accessibility is not only an issue for people with physical limitations, but also for severely obese people. If I have an appointment on the fifth floor and the Lift does not work, then that is a disaster.

Remarkable about your book is how honestly they deal with a topic that many people is uncomfortable, and does not trust you to ask a lot of questions often. What you would of normal-weight people in dealing with Overweight wish?

The most Important thing is to recognize that a fat person is always to blame. This “You had the two meat loaf to buns to not eat, now look at you, the way you look” – you should agreement. This applies to all norms in society, whether hair, eye or skin color or weight.

Your goal is to halve, have you given up now, at the latest, the book. There is a different weight goal they would like to achieve?

I am convinced that I will in my life no “Uhu”, I’m going to get under 100 kilos. But I would like to return to a normal size, maybe 120 pounds is also overweight, but not as life-tapping, as it is currently.