Local visit in the district of Heinsberg: Felt half the village is here in quarantine

Calm is the source street, where the little citizen-Treff seems to hide literally behind the village Church. In this relatively small hall in the 800-souls-the-spot long-Broich-Harzelt the spread of the Coronavirus in the district of Heinsberg took its course. Two weeks ago, was in this Hamlet in the municipality a carnival session Gangelt in the West of Germany celebrated. And to you several the to Saturday lunch 60 positively tested cases can be traced back. “But only the first two, the married couple from long Broich, in-patient treatment,” said district chief Stephan Pusch this Friday at his press conference. In the past few days he has expressed every day in front of media representatives who travelled from afar. All the other people affected would even show no or only a flu-like symptoms which could be to recuperate in the home.

The outbreak of the disease

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Well a week after the carnival session, on rose Monday, had issued the long-broicher couple to the hospital. A day later, the lab results confirmed the suspicion of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 Virus. The health Department was informed, “only 40 minutes later, our crisis staff,” says its Director, Philipp Schneider, at the same time, Deputy of the chief administrative officer. And not even two hours later, the crisis case had been revoked. Many of the previous Exercises in different scenarios, were here paid, he says.

The local crisis staff should also keep the booklet in Hand, it was decided in a vote, with the country’s Minister of health the next Morning. This decision was correct, emphasised district administrator Pusch. “We can rely here on the spot directly to existing networks, and we need right now in this Situation, the trust we enjoy in the population.”

Crisis staff of the Coronavirus: “is not Tactics in such a Situation”

Whether he would have made in the look back on the past three days a little differently? “No!” his answer is – he says it spontaneously, but the words seem to be consciously thought about. This applies not only to the work of the crisis unit, but also for communication, the face of the district administrator. “Brutally honest”, he calls his communication strategy. “Tactics is not in such a Situation,” he adds.

And so, he answered not only in the daily press conferences of the questions, but also released video messages in social network.

That seems to have trust in the population in the district Heinsberg given, where up to 6. In March all schools and daycares closed. He gets a lot of praise in social media. He would be a good candidate for the CDU presidency, it means in the comments. Or Candidate For Chancellor. “Push for President”, it is also.

Search for “patient zero” is no longer so important

However, the district remains down-to-earth, even after three days, in which the challenges are growing. Finally on Friday, Pusch announced a change of strategy of the crisis unit. “Now, pragmatic solutions,” he says. Of course you will try to continue the chain of Infection to trace. “But the so-called ‘patient zero’ no longer are we going to find,” he says. It is now especially important to stabilize the health system in the Region. NRW Minister Armin Laschet and health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann have made only a few hours earlier, a picture of the local Situation and the local crisis staff praised. “We can be a kind of blueprint for other regions,” says Pusch.

Unintentionally and suddenly, nationwide, in the spotlight: district administrator Stephan Pusch at the press conference on Friday.

He had the promise of other Doctors in the district of Heinsberg, which is supposed to support, especially family doctors, as Pusch. In addition, they should be the first point of contact for people who are infected people in contact, even show symptoms or in sensitive situations, life or work. “We need to find a pragmatic way not even our health system to lay off, he says. The in-home quarantine, in which currently all of those and their families who have participated in the carnival session, or whose children attend the day-care centre, where the concerned wife was from rich. Around 1000 people are currently. Of a restricted area, as he haunted on Friday as a hoax in the radio around, he wants to know nothing. “As long as I have say here in the district of Heinsberg something, it will not give,” is his significant statement.

After the “shock” on the first day of the Gangelts mayor Bernhard Tholen, the media hype and the stock purchases in the local super markets is now actually calm returns to the Region. To promote days she has a big We-feeling, especially in the most affected places. It is also a platform in social media has been set up to organize help, for example, when shopping for families who are in quarantine.

The ZDF satire show

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The quarantine is apparently to be complied with voluntarily

The family of Jens Fleischer belongs to. He is not only Secretary of the long-broicher carnival company, but also has two children in the affected day care center. Of an “unusual” Situation, he speaks in times of quarantine, which is clearly observed in the Region of all families on a voluntary basis. “Felt half the village is here in quarantine,” he appreciates. You have to stop to watch just to stay in a regulated everyday life. So he brings his children to the usual time in bed, also if you go to the next Morning in the nursery. “And now we must simply have patience. The crisis staff is doing a good Job. Otherwise, the Numbers of those Affected would be certainly different,” he says, and also finds otherwise only praise for the work at Heins Berger circle the house.

Solidarity with the affected couple

“It was a strange feeling,” says Dentist Beate Scheuvens, whose child also attends the nursery in Breberen. “However, we have slept about it and to go now in a very rational way with the Situation,” she explains. It could be just as well that your family belong to those who have not been infected. Tiring of the media was the hype of the past few days. It is mainly about the affected couple will not be stigmatized. “These are very dear people. None of us here pointing the Finger at you. And here we are, all calm down until we get the news that you’re feeling better.” Wishes for a speedy recovery for the both the University hospital of Dusseldorf as a comment to a Post on his Facebook page. They are to be printed, and the two passed.

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