Loneliness in the Corona-Lockdown: Every fourth Person says, you have no real friends

It seems as if life would pass so slowly almost back to normal. Almost. Furthermore, the contact limitations apply, the favorite club is still closed and the carefree summer feeling is not set, this year rather. So this is probably during a pandemic. What familiar earlier, is gone and leaves a gap of uncertainty. To deal with the Situation is difficult for many. Understandable. Never before have we experienced in our lives a similar Situation.

Mentally ill

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In the UK, the credit institution Santander has carried out a survey of 2000 adults to the consequences of the lock downs. The result: the Corona restrictions have exacerbated the Problem of loneliness, extreme, reports “The Independent”. Sue Willis, a member of the Santander Foundation, said the data reflected the impact of the Lockdown on the mental health of the people. “It’s heartbreaking to see what effect they had on the lives and friendships of some people,” she says.

One in ten people admitted to having Corona-rules because of loneliness broken

A fifth of the adults interviewed admitted to being disappointed by friends, because they had not reported during the lock downs. 14 percent are concerned that you have lost friends forever because you were not able to visit personally. One in ten respondents admitted to have knowingly against the Corona-rules, to see friends and family, because he felt lonely. The study also revealed that a quarter of the people already spoke in front of the Lockdown for several days with anyone – what has worsened since the introduction of the restrictions. 37 percent said to have several days without social contact spent. And Yes, the saddest number is says: A quarter, it felt during the lock downs, as you have no real friends.

“While Corona has thrown light on the problems of loneliness, we strive through our work with charities, to support people, suffering from loneliness, in the long term.”, Willis said to “The Independent”.

Source: “The Independent”

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