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In Jena, there was very early on a mask of duty, as a measure against the Coronavirus pandemic. Researchers of the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz have the infection numbers in Jena with those from other cities are compared and came to the conclusion that the introduction of the mask of duty, the daily infection numbers considerably reduced.

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In Jena was already on 6. April 2020, the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection when shopping, and public transportation for duty. Twenty days later, the case numbers were from 142 to 158 increased. To find out whether this was a result of the masks, have compared the scientist’s data from similar cities without a mask of duty with those of Jena. For this, they have used cities, their case numbers to the end of March in Jena represented, and in which the age of the population, as well as the provision of Doctors and pharmacies were comparable. There was &ndash, on average, an increase from 143 to 205 cases; the rise in Jena, Germany, corresponded to only about a quarter of the other cities.

Protective masks slow down the Corona-pandemic

In a second analysis, the researchers have compared cities and districts, in which the Wearing of masks at the 22. or on 27. April or later, the duty was, and there were also serious differences. "In summary, one can say that the introduction of the Mask requirement in the respective circles contributed to a slowdown in the spread of Covid-19 hat", Prof. Dr. Klaus forests, economist, said at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz, who published the study with colleagues from Kassel, Darmstadt, Germany, and Denmark as a discussion paper at the Institute for the future of work.