My back is full of pimples what should I do?

Just due to the high temperatures in the summer of pimples arising now increasingly. Especially parts of the body that are difficult to reach such as the back are affected. How we can prevent and what can help.

People with blemished skin on the back, in the summer, little joy. Often, it is show you uncomfortable with your body unclothed in Public. The reasons for this are different. Poor clothes or bad food are the factors that encourage pimple on the back.

Christoph Liebich, dermatologist from Munich, told FOCUS Online: “acne on your back is caused, for example, by the use of Vitamin supplements. Who takes so often, energy drinks, vitamin pills or health Shakes, and has a higher probability of pimples on the back.“

Primarily, it is the same as for pimples on the face, some people more prone to blemishes than others. Especially in the case of smokers or people who consume a lot of alcohol, they are more likely to. Similarly, it may be due to hormones or certain drugs. You should notice when taking a drug such skin changes, it is recommended as an Alternative.

Synthetic Clothing

If it is very hot, we sweat. Our clothing is very tight or has a high synthetic content, can flow neither of the tallow on the back of the sweat. In the result, the pores and blackheads occur.

“There is a difference between acne on your back or bacterial pimples. Those who suffer from acne, the Problem, both in summer and in Winter. Who gets in contrast, bacterial due to unclean skin, promote the inflamed skin, in addition, due to poor clothing,“ says Liebich.

When buying clothes, so be sure to have a high cotton share of attention. T-Shirts made of this Material can absorb sweat better.


Just as in face you can also be offered to the pimples at the back with some of the home remedies stop. For example, with a sugar scrub. Two spoons of coarse sea salt and a Cup of sugar with ten spoons of olive oil. The gross viscosity of the old skin scrubbed cells and removed easily. The scrub and wash it off after that just.

Who wants to RUB it in, in the port, should pay attention to the fact that in the cream, no fragrance and emulsifiers are included. Because these can clog the pores.

Natural Products

The Do-it-yourself method should not have helped, so you can create with natural products remedies, in which it is applied, for example, a zinc ointment or healing earth in a thin layer to the affected areas. If you don’t like the consistency, you can try it with tea tree oil.


Has not refined the skin, you should consult a physician in every case. Christoph Liebich points out: “If you look after a cleansing at the beautician is still no improvement, it may be just a bacterial infection that to treat in some cases, even with antibiotic externally and internally.”

Besides, it can also be a reaction to a food intolerance or an allergic reaction.