Other Corona-outbreak in abattoir with 1,000 employees

You can see in the Video: Another Corona onset at the slaughterhouse, with 1,000 employees, in a traffic jam bingen.

Also in a slaughterhouse, in the lower Bavarian town of Straubing, a number of corona have been reported cases. This arc confirmed Landratsamt Straubing-on Wednesday. First of all, the speech was of a half-dozen Infected, now the Virus has been detected already at least a dozen employees. All of the nearly 1,000 employees would now be tested, says Tobias Welck, spokesman for the district office. O-SOUND SPEAKER LANDRATSAMT STRAUBING-BOGEN, TOBIAS WELCK “There are very comfortable accommodations, where several people live but that are now no Container solutions, but normal apartments. That there is where several residents live together, that’s right.” In the past few days, several foci of infection in battle were the stations became known. Numerous employees is apparently in collective accommodation requested.