Panorama: Munich doctor: medical practitioner should not be a recognized profession more

Then, a few days ago, came to the young mother once again in the doctor’s office. The node was still grown, is now also the lymph nodes. She had to undergo this operation.

The reason is that A healer had told her the cause of the node lying alone in your setting.

“I was speechless,” says Schneider of the HuffPost over the phone. “What time is this going to stop?” His voice is easy to hear that he is angry, but mostly worried.

“I think that naturopaths should not be a recognized profession,” he says.

His indignation over medical practitioners, he announced on Twitter – and opened a debate.

In spite of all the criticism and no proven numerous alternative medicine Use methods to experience health practitioner just a Boom. In Germany alone there are around 47,000 non-medical practitioner.

Every year they make around a billion euros in sales. About half of the patients pay according to the Federation of German Naturopaths.

Between 1998 and 2008, has doubled the number of Heilpraktiker in Germany. Pharmacies also make hundreds of millions of euros in revenue with the sale of homeopathic remedies.

Current study: alternative medicine can be life-threatening

As the Boom in complementary medicine, life can be dangerous, shows a US study of one Million patients studied. Cancer patients using alternative medicine, died in the study period of ten years, with twice as high probability.

Young people often come to Doctors, which could be of medical practitioners incorrectly treat and possibly even your life at risk. The white cutter from tales of colleagues.

“I have eight years in the Onko (Anm. the editorial Board: Oncology, Cancer, medicine) worked. I don’t know how many I have by metastatic naturopath-sacrifice as seen. Of light therapy for tens of thousands of euros on ‘heat baths’, everything. Puke, I can!” answers a Doctor at Schneider’s Tweet.

Why naturopaths are nevertheless popular, and can tailor understand even.

“I wish it were different, but we often have too little time for our patients,” he says. The health care system would Doctors much demand. The number of patients is too high, the Doctors too low.

“So I have to try with my limited time to optimally handle it. I must always ask: Have I shown enough empathy? Has understood the Patient me? I explained everything good?” Schneider says.

That medical practitioners have more time than Doctors, Schneider sees as an advantage. Nevertheless, he warns strongly against giving them the same confidence. However, many patients do, apparently. Meanwhile, more than 40 percent of the patients homeopath have, treat it like a survey of the online portal Statista revealed. Almost 30 percent were already acupuncture needles.

“Health practitioners and Physicians are not comparable”

Schneider wants to distinguish scientifically proven facts from the medical practitioners. “I give myself a lot of trouble to explain everything on a scientifically sound Basis. Because the Internet is so much information in circulation. The patient can no longer between real Information and Fake News.”

By a medical practitioner, feared Schneider, the spread of this phenomenon. Also, because they are not as well trained as Doctors.

Health practitioners need to have a secondary school degree in order to be approved. “The final test consists of a Multiple-Choice Test that queries the minimum basic knowledge and the more times you can repeat”, writes Schneider.

A Munich-based naturopath, sees it differently. With a name he doesn’t want to be called – he trusted journalists. The Test for medical practitioners referred to it in conversation with the HuffPost as ”extremely difficult.”

“The failure rate is extremely high. There is so much Knowledge is at once interrogated, that you can prepare to be hardly appropriate.” Friends also Doctors from him would have made fun of it the Test and had failed.

Schneider finds the comparison of Physicians and medical practitioners is not appropriate. “For comparison: I studied high school and six years, until I was a Junior doctor. As an Intern, I was allowed to treat only patients in collaboration with a senior doctor. In my opinion, is exactly right, because after these six years, I have had the feeling of: I really know nothing,” he says.

The human as a biological System is so complex that it takes years to understand it really. The additional training to become specialist, therefore, takes a further six to eight years.

Naturopath: “Behind every disease lies a deeper meaning”

“It is simply absurd, and this type of training with a Multiple-Choice Test to be equated, by a medical practitioner to complete and that this then also complex diseases such as cancer to treat,” says Schneider.

Also, the Munich-based practitioner. He finds: patients should be by a doctor and by a naturopath to investigate. Doctors “are, of course, important and absolutely necessary”, but would look much “a little limited”.

He is of the opinion that Behind every disease is a deeper meaning. The spirit wanted to say to the body with a disease that little voice.

“Of course there are medical practitioners charlatans”, he. And adds: “Just as there is among Physicians a great many charlatans.”

Schneider does not want to be accused of healing practitioners, that you just want money, angry but every Time again, when patients come to him, which were treated with unnecessary therapies.

He often see that patients have the abstruse lists from your medical practitioner, which, for example, the hormones and nutrients in your saliva.

“The medical meaning is not obvious to me,” says Schneider. “You have paid several hundred euros. Thus, the health practitioner can prescribe you then therapies with tinctures and lotions, which can sometimes even harm.”

Heikpraktiker get out of the health care system

Whether you trust more the health practitioner or the doctor: It is a religious war. However, in the case of serious illnesses it is not a matter of what you believe, but the most professional treatment.

Schneider sees only one possibility.

“That medical practitioners have in the health system, it also makes for reasonable thinking people is extremely difficult, you to ask,” he says.

He therefore demands: “health practitioners should be providers of our health care system is recognized.”

This article was written by Amelie Graen

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