People disease fatty liver: How it arises and what you can do about it

The liver is the largest internal Organ in the human body, both in volume as in weight. You metabolism is a Central, recycling, detoxification factory, power plant. Nevertheless, it is often treated rather step-motherly. We expect your alcohol and environmental toxins, treat you with medication, which must degrade, and beat in the Boxing ring even hook in your direction. And if it is poetic, then the speech is of the heart and brain, or of the Hand and foot, but rather not. Here is a look at the liver would not have been enough to give one of the biggest nutritional mistakes of the past decades not only the Chance to spread: the fact that it is mainly the fat, the fat makes you fat.

Alcohol and carbohydrates make the liver fat

Because that alcoholics get a fatty liver, know pretty much everyone. And that this is not by fat food, but from the Zero-fat-alcohol, also. The second Form of the disease, the non-alcohol-related fatty liver, has to do up on the extreme cases – nothing to do with eating fatty foods. On The Contrary. It is high in carbohydrates and are more likely to be food and the resulting derailment of metabolism, which can make the liver fat.

Also, you know, actually, for a long time – from one of the most repeated “experiments,” the history of the world. It’s called “foie Gras” and is to fatten geese and ducks with grain, in order from the enlarging livers, liver pate manufacture. The bodies of these birds become fatty in weeks, without that you’d be in fat food. Bread or pasta-rich. Meanwhile geburgert in the affluent Nations about 30, by some estimates as much as 40 percent of the adults fattened up in a similar efficient, gesemmelt, gesnackt or otherwise fattened. The excessive fat in the liver for a long time, no complaints. The doctor and the Patient know about it mostly by chance by abdominal ultrasound.

An expert in fatty liver: “The development is frightening”

For the first time scientifically such findings have been described in humans only 35 years ago. Meanwhile, nutrition experts speak on how the book author Nicolai Worm already of a new “disease” that will be ignored and belittled. “The development is frightening,” says Elke Roeb. The gastro-entero-login and a Professor at the University of Giessen has carried out research for several years on the topic of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

In fact, the non-alcoholic fat-associated liver often with a sugar disease. You can promote the development of Diabetes; this, in turn, can aggravate the fatty liver to liver inflammation (Hepatitis) and cirrhosis of the liver. In the fatty liver may form, ultimately, in rare cases, a Tumor. But each, in which the ultrasound reported to be a lot of fat in the liver threaten such dangers? If the estimates of the bold votes of the liver, should be at least one-third of the adult concerned.

Fat liver is not a disease

“There is no reason to panic”, says Professor Norbert Stefan, of the University hospital in Tübingen. The doctor has researched try the issue of fatty liver over many patients, and in animal and numerous articles written. “Fatty degeneration of the liver may extend over years without any problems.” So as a warning against the dangers of Excess weight don’t in all cases be entitled to, because it is always more obvious, there is also a benign type of obesity, is a fat liver is not always a disease. A clear warning sign the finding but, if at the same time, laboratory tests, metabolic indicate problems, for example, a so-called insulin resistance. It is a precursor of type 2 Diabetes, formerly known as “adult onset diabetes” is called.

Children doctor warns

Thickened heart muscle, broken joints: thickness children similar Suffering, such as older adults

In the process, the body cells lose gradually the ability, sugar from the blood when the hormone from the pancreas asks you to do so – you will become insensitive to the Insulin. Increased blood glucose levels and increasing insulin secretion are usually soon to follow. Both is unhealthy, causes damage to such vessels, and nerve cells and puts the body in a permanent inflammatory status. Warning sign number two, a fat metabolism disorder, which can also be used with a blood test to prove it is. Both blood lipids on the one hand, high blood sugar, and insulin resistance on the other hand, is already tight. Increased fat levels in the blood, according to Professor Wolfgang, chief div., 2018, the Director of the centre for Internal medicine of the University hospital in Heidelberg, led to a more fat is stored in the liver. A fat liver in turn produces even more sugar, so that insulin resistance the glucose levels even without the cookies and candies high can stay. A lot of sugar in the blood in turn stimulates the liver to this in fat to rebuild and store. And so on.

Important: exercise and proper nutrition

That sounds like a vicious circle. It can, however, break through. The works is simply through exercise and a diet that contains little sugar, especially fruit sugar, and low in easily digestible carbohydrates that can be quickly implemented in sugar. Characterised advises his patients specifically, after 16 h of carbohydrates omit it altogether. This change means that less Insulin needs to be distributed, and in consequence of the body’s cells become again sensitive for it.

Insulin resistance can, therefore, be in this way often stop or undo. Usually it Slims down so successfully-and not just on the belly, but also in the abdomen in the liver. Already, within three weeks the liver fat, let in many cases, cut in half, says Professor Andreas Pfeiffer, an endocrinologist at the Berlin Charité. Thus, the values of the for the health of this body and metabolism a total of the major substances normalize many of the Affected also. If you get his fatty liver in a timely fashion also decreases the risk for Diabetes, and the typical complications of this disease significantly. Even an already-diagnosed type 2 Diabetes can thus be a very positive influence.

Role of the liver: scientists feverishly

However, doctors do not know yet the exact relationships and cause-and-effect chains in the molecular area. For a long time, we know that an important hormone called Adiponectin is produced increases, when the body lose overall fat. It is the exact opposite of a vicious circle in motion: Adiponectin is pushing the fat forward removal and leads to the body’s cells respond better to Insulin. Another important neurotransmitter that is produced only in the liver itself, i.e. Fetuin A. It is currently the focus of intensive research. The fatter the liver, the more of it you produced. Apparently, Fetuin A plays a big role in the insulin resistance, because it will block those Receptor molecules in the insulin signal “the body’s cells to take sugar!” – usually give. In addition, it stimulates, at least in laboratory cells to inflammatory reactions to try immune. And the data that Stefan evaluated together with researchers from the German Institute for nutritional research in Potsdam, Germany, showed with almost 100% certainty that increased Fetuin-A levels are partly responsible for the increased risk of heart attack, such as of diabetics.

These and many other current research results have demonstrated that the liver, which sits pretty much in the middle of the body, also plays a Central role for the health. She is healthy and fit instead of overloaded and fat, then you will not only effective poisons, but apparently a lot of signals, which have a positive effect on the health of the whole person: heart and blood vessels, the fatty tissue to sugar and fat budget.

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