Selfie-elbow and phone-avoid thumb

Doctors see more injuries due to the excessive use of Smartphones and Tablets. Thousands of text messages and a lot of Selfies per month, particularly in the elbows and thumb pain. The specialist Dr. Renee Enriquez gives tips on how this can be avoided.

In a recent survey, a male Teenager reported to send an average of 3,400 text messages per month, the girls even 4,000. This leads some to "Phone-Daumen". This is an inflammation of the tendon is based on the vagina, which can lead to long-term pain and disability. "Use the other Hand or another Finger, to vermeiden&quot this condition;, Enriquez, an assistant Professor in the Department of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation at UT Southwestern Medical Center says. This has the advantage that it is exercising the brain and the sleight of hand upgrade.

A Selfie-elbow can occur when a photo is shot to photo for the next Social Media post. The less strain on the forearm muscles and the tendon, which is connected to the elbow joint. In these cases, Enriquez recommends the use of Selfie-Sticks. Rest and a change of the Hand continue to reduce the burden.

"In the case of all strain injuries, the recovery is the most important part of the recovery. Absolute silence would be best, but since mobile phones are part of our everyday lives, I recommend to beschränken&quot the time for these activities;, Enriquez says.


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