Seven tips that will help you get rid of your Lisp

Fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld does it, Boxing Champ Mike Tyson, sloth Sid from “Ice Age” and RTL presenter Katja Burkard anyway. Lisping is the most common articulation disorder. FOCUS Online expert Armin Mechkat explains how Affected your pronunciation can improve.

Experts describe the Lisp as a Sigmatismus (from Sigma, the 18. The letters of the Greek alphabet is derived. In medical textbooks, it is also called quite uncharming Stammer.

"S" sounds like the English "th"

Who sounds classically, has difficulties in the formation of Sibilance as the "s" or "sch". The tongue remains in the, according to the formation of mostly sluggish between the front teeth (Sigamtismus inter-dentalis) or behind it (Sigmatismus addentalis), instead of at the upper or lower palate. The "s" the sharpness is missing. It sounds like the "th" in English.

To find out whether or not you Lisp, it is sufficient to read the title line of this post out loud. Affected can come out of the closet in multiple ways.

Many children Lisp

Among children, this phenomenon is particularly widespread. Because of the sibilance in the process of language acquisition as a last learned. Until the start of school should have the Lisp, however. If not, is a study on speech disorders specialist ear, nose and throat doctor is advisable. He can go to the S-error, check whether or not a hearing disorder behind it and a therapy, for example, the speech therapists, to initiate. This is normally covered by health insurance.

According to the disorder can be well treated

I personally find it a pity if lispelnde children, their parents or adults Concerned to accept, according to the disorder. Because of the expert care for, treat you well. Here, the younger the Patient is: The more, the faster the success.

Seven Exercises to perfect pronunciation

Behind the Lisp to be a purely motor Problem, that is to say, the mouth, lips and tongue muscles are too weak and can’t properly coordinate, I give my patients a little Workout on the way to the correct pronunciation:

1. You drink more with a straw.

2. Blow Soap Bubbles.

3. You’re looking the language model and listen very carefully.

4. Let the lips flap like a horse.

5. You lick a Lollipop only with the tip of the tongue.

6. Click.

7. You can practice for better self-perception of the pronunciation of S Are in front of the mirror.

Try the Exercises as well in your everyday life to integrate. At least three Times a day, you should find time for the small training units.

Lispelende Celebrities

By the way: Even Hollywood stars are not immune to’s Lisp. That actress Drew Barrymore, or “Casablanca”-legend Humphrey Bogart in the Film to Shine with a perfect pronunciation, you missed so far, just because their German voices are so good.


Dr. Armin Mechkat is a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine, Allergology, as well as voice – and speech disorders. In his practice, Hanse ENT (Hanse ENT on Facebook, Hanse ENT on Google ) it treats in addition to patients with problems such as loss of hearing, allergies or snoring, to him, a lot of actors, presenters and singers with disorders of the speaking and singing voice.