What is Corona power-Infected spreaders of the dreaded Super?

They wanted to celebrate together in worship, sing and pray – now many of them are of them at home in quarantine. After a worship service in a Baptist Church in Frankfurt, more than 100 people are infected with the Coronavirus. Not all of them have been infected during the worship service.

Instead, it could spread the Virus even after the Celebration in the families of believers. Many of them have “five or more children,” – said in a statement, the municipality in which the responsible show remorse. Although there have separated in – and outputs are given and a distance of 1.5 meters has been observed. In hindsight, it would have been “appropriate”, “to wear during the worship service, the mouth-nose protection cover, and to dispense with the common singing.”


The hunt for the vaccine, so scientists want to Covid-19 defeat

If individual Infected a number of people infected with a pathogen, talk to researchers from so-called “super spreading Events” – i.e. events in which a pathogen could be particularly effective spread. The phenomenon is not new and was already observed in previous outbreaks of the first Sars – and Mers-pathogen. Also, measles can spread through so-called super-spreader explosive. Thus, cases are known in which a single Person is infected for up to 200 people. Measles is considered one of the most contagious infectious diseases in the world.

To prevent super-spreading Events, it is hardly possible, as there is often an unfortunate concatenation of several factors is responsible, including the easy to sense, external factors and different transmission routes of a pathogen. Also super-spreading Events can be detected only in retrospect, as such – namely, if after a meeting or gathering of the case to climb to the top numbers.

Distance rules do not, apparently, complied with

This also happened to a Restaurant that evening in the district of Leer: There came on 15. May a number of people in a closed society. Investigators to go to the suspicion, that this evening was the Corona-distance rules were not complied with. To welcome it is to have hands and hugs given to shake. At least 14 people infected this evening with the Coronavirus – four more to put in the sequence. 133 people are in a domestic quarantine.

Dangerous these Events are mainly because the health authorities may operate in the retrospect, only damage limitation by tracking the Infected and their contact persons. Usually, the pathogen has, in the meantime, continue to spread, for example, in the families of the affected persons. Their contact persons have to be traced. The outbreak is happening locally limited, for example, to a single County or a smaller community – succeed in General, very effective. It is more difficult when people distribute after the meeting wide, you may travel and on-the-go, more people to infect.

Super-spreading Events promises are “difficult-to-predict, and prevent difficult,” – said in a statement, the US health authority CDC. Nevertheless, there are ways to reduce the risk significantly. It is the understanding helps, as it comes to such events:

The best lever in order to super-spreading Events and to prevent, therefore: sanitation and clearance rules to comply with, take into consideration and crowds of people in confined areas to avoid. The Baptist Church in Frankfurt will now act accordingly. It announced that all services until further notice, only in the Online Format.

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) / spectrum / opinion of gospel Christians Baptists in Frankfurt

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